Match of the Month

Cecelia and Phoebe have been matches since February 2020.  They had only met two or three times in person before the pandemic hit. Unable to see each other and build a relationship in person, the two saw it as a challenge rather than an obstacle to make their relationship a success and not let the pandemic win. 

Together they made a plan to keep in touch through video chats and talking on the phone. They came up with their own creative activities they could do together on their video chats.  One activity they even managed to watch a movie together! 
 Phoebe also made the most of virtual learning. She was visited by her teacher who came to the house to give her an award for doing so well with on line learning. 
The big sister has said that she feels they grew very close over this past year. 
Toni, their match support specialist said that it   takes two special people to have been able to build a relationship over video chats and talks on the phone and not see each other in person. 
Following some protocols BBBSBC put into place Big and Little have been able to resume match meetings.  Both Cecelia and Phoebe have said it was great seeing each other and missed each other very much. 
Their first meeting after a year was a nice long catch up outside of Starbucks. 
 Both Phoebe and her big sister are looking forward to outdoor in person adventures as the weather gets warmer. They plan to continue to build a strong and long-lasting friendship.

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