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You know your child better than anyone else. It takes a special guardian to realize that your child could benefit from having an additional role model in their life.  When you decide to get your child involved in our program, you are making the decision of putting them on the path to a more successful future.  Studies have shown that for a child to grow into a competent, caring, and confident adult, they need at least 3 non-parental role models in their life. A Big can be one of those role models for your child.
The best parent partners in this program are informed parents. We want you to learn about our program before you enroll your child, which is why we require our parents to attend a Parent Orientation.
The “Parent Orientation” is a general introduction into our program and your role in helping your child get the most from their match.  It will also focus on the enrollment process for your child, our process for screening mentors, Child Safety Ground Rules, and how we make a match.
After attending an orientation you will be more confident in your decision as to whether you feel Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bucks County will be the right fit for your child.
At the end of this session you will be given a packet, that includes; enrollment forms, a pre interview questionnaire (so we can start thinking about which of our Bigs would match best with your child), and a guide on how to talk with your child about the program since one of our number one requirements to start is that your child must WANT to be a part of something BIG!
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